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Truly Great Coffee

The Coffee On Wheels, COW for short, is a fresh, new business offering an exciting range of luxury Italian coffee. And what’s more - our menu is completely mobile!

Our professionally designed COW is unlike anything you will have ever seen. The COW causes a stir of excitement and attention wherever she goes, providing coffee lovers with the perfect cup of coffee.

The COW is ideal for any event or occasion:
• Parties

• Competitions 
• Horse events
• Garden Events
• Opening Days
• Anniversaries
• Open Days
• Car Boot Sales

• Gala Days
• Film Locations
• Weddings
• Birthday Parties
• Corporate Events
• Fun Days
• Shows

Udder delights

The COW is a girl after your own heart, showing she has a sweet side too. She's sourced some delicious treats and snacks, to compliment your chosen coffee, delicious muffins as well as a selection of freshly pastries - Moo Tastic! Check our Menu here!

Want the COW at your event or occasion?
The COW is fully stand alone and does not require any services. She even goes indoors...
The COW delivers to your door! Call or text now:
Why Ethical Local
Coffee Matters 


Ethical coffee has gained a lot of popularity these days. Though coffee has always been a favourite drink for a huge number of people many of them are not at all aware of the origin of coffee. A good number of environmental issues can be associated with traditional coffee agricultural methods and some of them include environmentally unsustainable farming practices and unfair labour practices. We use Suffolk based Frank & Earnest to source our coffee beans and other local suppliers for treats. We are a team that know the local people will help us, so we, at all times try to help them. 

We Care so all you need to do is enjoy the incredible coffee and the fact that it is supporting your local community.

Contact the COW

The COW caters for all your events and occasions, just fill in the Enquiry Form or drop us an email, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How to COW

For a fixed price The COW will provide all your guests with free drinks.

For a smaller fixed price all your guests will receive discounted drinks


The COW can simply turn up at your event at no cost to you, she’s very flexible.


She caters to your sweet tooth too, delicious muffins as well as a selection of freshly baked pastries.

There is nothing that the coffee cow won’t attend and nowhere she won’t go... she’s that kinda girl!!!